What Makes Effective and Ineffective Anti-bullying Programs?


With research reviewing anti-bullying programs showing vague results, parents and schools must continue to work together to address expanding concerns regarding school-based bullying. By comparing effective and ineffective programs, anti-bullying advocates can make the first move  in overcoming this aging problem thriving in U.S. schools.

What Makes an Ineffective Anti-bullying Program?

Schools that treat harassment and continuous teasing as “ordinary” childhood behavior create a climate in which negative peer relationships grow. Ineffective programs give room for varied interpretations in terms of “girls just being girls” and “boys just being boys.”

Among the most harmful ambiguities in present anti-bullying practice burdens the victim with the responsibility of advocating for their needs and defending themselves against bullies. By making victims stand up to their bullies, educators, and even parents, are indirectly showing that the victims’ own social deficiencies are the root of bullying. Moreover, this kind of focus may actually endanger the victims.

Ineffective anti bullying programs focuses solely on individual bullying incidents. To go to the root of bullying, schools have to foster a school culture that is more tolerant and accepting. Add to that, majority of bullying incidents will go unnoticed by school staff. Frightening, but being unable to “see everything” and “be everywhere” restricts options for stepping in on all bullying episodes.

Educators’ firmness and consistency are needed for a school’s anti-bullying policies to work. When the entire institution does not unite against school bullying, students will always find places to bully other students emotionally and physically. To read more about bullying and how to prevent it, check out http://edition.cnn.com/2015/10/08/health/anti-bullying-laws-work/.

What Makes an Effective Anti-bullying Program?

Effective anti-bullying programs work on the entire school climate and not just certain peer interactions. Such programs not just teach students appropriate communication and positive social leadership techniques, but go to the extent of redesigning school hallways and classrooms in a way that promotes a sense of community and acceptance. A lot of programs are particularly made for school climates that invite bullying and negative behavior.

An effective program utilizes strategies and supports at each level in the school — from individual classrooms and students to anti-bullying groups composed of both educators and students. Among the best dismantling the school to prison pipeline programs are those that use a systemic method, zeroing in on all level components, starting from community to  individual, and then classroom to school. In supportive programs, bullies will be isolated. They have zero tolerance for bullying and harassment, with punishments clearly spelled out for those who will commit such offenses.

One of the most crucial, and often ignored, pieces of the anti-bullying puzzle centers on school and domestic partnerships. To eliminate bullying, parents and educators should be firm on negative peer interactions, and there should be more communication that includes parents in school’s initiatives against bullying events.


Helpful Tips In Protecting Students From Bullying


There are actually a lot of reports of bullying in schools. Usually, students that are bullied suffer from depression, anxiety, mental health problems and health problems. Students that are bullied are usually involved in physical fights.

These students also suffer academically. Bullying is a known issue in schools. It is very important that schools have supportive learning and safe environment. A lot of schools prioritizes the safety of all of their students. But, even if schools are committed to the safety of their students, there are still children that are being bullied. Bullying can actually be prevented if schools address this issue. However, there are still some schools that do not believe that addressing bullying is not their responsibility.

It is easier to face bullying if the school administration and the parents will work together.


Here are helpful tips in preventing bullying:

Principal should have a culture change. Principals should not use their status as a leader to invoke change, instead they should always listen first before acting so that all of their staff will feel that they are valued. If the staff of the school feel valued then they will have the willingness to intervene in different situations such as bullying. This is actually surveyed.

Next thing that the principal must do is to assess the extent of the problem. They must know where it started and when it started so they can take preventive measures. The principal must create and implement a code of conduct for the whole school. The school to prison pipeline solutions of should focus on proper school values and behavior that are not accepted and its consequences. Teachers should be trained in order for them properly identify inappropriate behavior and how to respond it. The principal should increase adult supervision in the whole school, because survey shows that bullying usually happens when there is no adult present.

They should have visible sight in stairwell, hallways, locker rooms and in cafeterias. The school must also conduct activities regarding bullying prevention like communications campaign, school assemblies and other activities that can bring the students of the school together. It is also vital that teachers should also have a bully free zone in the classrooms. Teachers must know the policies on bullying so they know how to prevent it. Teachers should listen to every student especially when they have concerns. Teachers  should do activities that will help their students identify bullies. Some activities like letting them watch television shows or read books. Learn about anti bullying programs here!

Another things that teachers can do is to have class meetings so every student can talk about their relationship with other students. For further details regarding bullying prevention, check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/school-bullying/.

Thing To Do To Protect Students With Anti Bullying Programs.


Being a stake holder in the education means that everyone involved has to ensure that children have better lives in the near future and they do not have to suffer.  Getting rid of the obstacles in the way of the learners for knowledge is the work description that describes their work.  Bullying has been in existence for long as proved by many research groups and has contributed greatly to slow learning making it an obstacle to learning. Once or more times in the years people spend in the learning institutions, they get bullied or do bully others.

It is common that the male students are the ones responsible for most of the bullying but the female learners do perpetrate the bullying too.  Bullying increases as the learners advance to the higher class if not stopped.   The learners form groups in high school where by the bullied student merge together and those who bully form pacts.  The male bullies become violent to their victims because of their increased strength and bodies unlike the girls.   The female learners attack their victims emotionally with mistreatment and disrespectful deeds to their victims.

Bullying games is a vice that everyone who has been in a school system has once or more time experienced depending on their size and ability to defend themselves.   In the bullying scenario, the weak or anyhow different students are the ones who get bullied  The social groups in the schools are the circles in which bullying takes and the groups with small and less liked students get bullied most.

The bullied group of learners suffer in silence because they are weak to defend themselves and are afraid of the bully’s wrath if they happen to report the bullying. The students who would have turned to be successful and more productive in a year get low grades and stressful time in schools due to bullying.  Recently many schools have started changing the bullying culture by closely monitoring the student’s activity and the cases are being stopped.  There are anti bullying programs that work very well and have been used to successfully curb cases of bullying.  Although bullying is a thing that even affect adults, when controlled at a young age, people grow with better intentions and with time it will permanently go away.   In the past people would witness bullying and the best thing they would do about is feel guilty but with the new implementations, there are areas where bullying can be reported to stop the vice.

People who just stand and allow bullying to continue are in most cases afraid of going through the same hence they are action less.  You can also learn more details on how to prevent school bullying by checking out the post at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcgAF8GcBIw.

Ensuring bullying is stopped guarantees a better future for future generations.

A Guide to Anti-Bullying Programs


If you are at the state of searching for programs that could protect your students, there is no room for you to disregard the idea of anti-bullying programs. When it comes to these programs, they help in avoiding bullying cases not only in schools but also in workplaces. With this, you have to see to it that the school has these programs in order for your students to be protected. Apparently, there are certain characteristics that need to be adhered in order for them to be effective because there are others that are not. Thus, it is necessary for you to take a look with these characteristics so as to make sure that your students have appropriate protection.

Basically, the program must target all the learners and working members of the school. This is due to the fact that bullying is not only possible among students but also to all individuals. Therefore, the entire environment of the school must be secured of being included in the program so as to ensure the protection that you need for your student.

In case that the program of the school addresses everyone in the institution, there is a need to train everyone and not just few or chosen grade level. This might result to ineffectiveness of the results in case that there are only few individuals who will be sent for the training. Everyone needs to experience the training and acquire the insights essential for the programs to be effectively implemented. Aside from that, it is also essential to involve in the training the community leaders such as church leaders and the police to make sure the success of the course. These community leaders can offer relevant insights for the learning of the students and working members of the school to prison pipeline solutions about the course they are taking.

The training to be provided must have enough time prepared by the program. For instance that there are educators sent for the students to be trained, it is vital to give them enough time to be used for the training. It is because of the fact that there is a need for adequate time so as to impart insights and learning to the participants to be responsible and knowledgeable of the program. It is apparent that anti-bullying programs look and aspire of having responsible citizens of the society, contact us!

The ideal time for the training is one month so as to make sure that the participants will be educated by the trainers properly. Through the anti-bullying programs that will help everyone to be responsible, you are guaranteed that there is accurate protection that can be provided to your students. For more facts and information regarding anti-bullying campaign, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/how_4966768_stop-bullying-facebook.html.

Protecting the Students the Right Way


A standout amongst the most critical issues that relate to securing any building needs to do with making controlled zones of identified areas for penetration. On account of safety, some places have set up school to prison pipeline solutions to control the populace both inside and the ones who are outside.

Safety and security is definitely viewed as one of the essential factors in choosing the right school, office or abode to stay in.

Protecting and ensuring that the whole environment is safe – be it a house, an office building, or a school itself, requires the adoption of powerful and proficient security systems at all times. It is important that everyone is equipped for anything, be prepared for any sudden emergencies or dangerous situations as much as possible. On certain instances, there are more pronounced events and happenings inside and outside campuses and workplaces like bullying games, personal attacks, slander as well as falsifying documents and account records, cheating and dishonesty in exams, and the list just goes on. While it is true that such situations cannot be prevented from happening, most – if not all – schools should be generally sheltered and ready for such potential for viciousness, animosity and aggravations regardless if it is known to be constantly present or not, contact us for more info!

Regardless of whether you are included in office or schoolroom discussions, or if you occupy a big position in the school’s board or just a parent concerned about the welfare of your kids going to that school, a gathering or meeting conducted about it will definitely find you a part of it too.

Therefore, stringent measures and safety practices, including anti bullying programs, must all be integrated into the school’s system and administration, contact us here!

From working environment brutality down to child abuse, from all kinds of theft and robbery down to bullying acts happening in school, it cannot be denied that crime and wrongdoings abound in numerous significant ways in society. In addition, it also boils down to teaching kids and youngsters how to control their temper in a positive way, for if this is not properly managed and taught at a very young age, diverse unlawful acts resulting from not being able to control his or her conduct, can be expected. It does not really matter where violence takes place, the kind of situation that had led to it, or in the kind of places that the said fighting and cruelty had been witnessed, it is the job of adults and mature residents present and residing in the community, as well as their leaders and officials, to be able to put an end to it effectively. If you want to learn more about bullying, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bullying.